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Quiz. The cell.


Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) The extracellular matrix is mainly composed of lipids.

2) All animal tissues show a rather similar amount of extracellular matrix.

3) The most abundant organic molecule of the extracellular matrix of animal tissues is collagen.

4) The most abundant amino acid in collagen proteins is alanine, which is less common in other proteins.

5) Collagen molecules can be organized as lattices.

6) The organization of collagen fibers in nets or fibers depends on the speed of collagen released by the cells.

7) Collagen fibers are elastic.

8) The elastin molecule is a component of the elastic fibers.

9) Elatic fiber are mainly found in bones.

10) Fibrillin is part of the elastic fibers.

11) Glycosaminoglycans are polysaccharides found in the extracellular matrix.

12) Glycosaminoglycans are hidorphobic molecules, thatis, they repeal water.

13) Glycosaminoglycans contribute to two of the tissue properties: withstand mechanical pressures and favor the movement of cells and molecules through tissues.

14) Proteoglycans contain glycosaminoglycans.

15) The more abundant monosaccharide of the cell wall of plant cells is glucose.

16) Cellulose is synthesized in the Golgi apparatus.

17) La orientación de las fibras de celulosa condiciona la dirección del crecimiento de las células vegetales.

18) Lipids are the more important molecules that attach the cell to the extracellular matrix.

19) Fibronectins are glycoprotein adhesion molecules anchored to the plasma membrane of cells.

20) Integrins allow the attachment between cells and extracellular matrix.

21) Integrins can recognize and bind collagen and fibronectin.

22) Cadherins and selectins are proteins that adhere cells to the extracellular matrix.

23) Metalloproteinases are proteins that synthesize molecules of the extracellular matrix.

24) Adhesion complexes are anchoring points between adjoining cells.

25) Tight junction are established between neighbor cells of the epithelia and dermis.

26) Adherent junctions are anchored to actin filaments.

27) Hemidesmosomes are the half of a desmosome.

28) The cell wall of plant cells contain collagen fibers.

29) The basal lamina is extracellular matrix found between the epithelial cells.

30) The elasticity of bones is partially provided by collagen fibers.

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