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2020-01-14 The cell. Updated: G1 phase, S phase, and G2 phase.
Cell types: Neuron.
Plant organs: Flower .

2019-12-18 The cell. Updated: ciclo celular, G1 phase, and S phase.
Cell types: Striated skeletal muscle.
Plant organs: Leaf , Dicot leaf, Gymnosperm leaf.

2019-11-11 The cell. Updated: microtubules and intermediate filaments.
Cell types: Mastocyte.
Plant organs: secondary stem (dicot), secondary stem (gymnosperm), secondary stem (sambucus).

2019-10-22 Site usage (number of pages served, last year: October first- September 30th):

2019-10-05 The cell. Updated: Actin.
Cell types: Fibroblast, Hepatocyte.
Plant organs: Monocot primary stem, Dicot primary stem, Secondary stem.

2019-08-22 The cell. Updated: Chloroplasts, Lipid droplets, Cytosol, Cytoskeleton.
Cell types: Erytrocyte, Spermatogonia.
Plant organs: Root, Secondary root, Stem, Primary stem.

2019-07-08 The cell. Updated: Mitochondria, Plastids.
Cell types: Endothelial, Enterocyte, Eosinophil.
Plant organs: Root, Primary root, Primary root monocot, Primary root dicot.

2019-05-21 The cell. More information: Centriole, Cilia and flagela, Cycle of centrosome, Apoptosis. Updated: Plant vesicular traffic, Vacuoles, Non vesicular, Peroxisomes.
Cell types: Unilocular adipocyte, Astrocyte.
Plant organs: Introduction.
Techniques: Light microscope and Electron microscope.

2019-04-01 Techniques: In situ hybridization and visualization.
The cell: lysosomes page has been updated. New pages with detailed information: autophagy, vesicles, extracellular vesicles, and transcytosis.

2019-02-27 Techniques: immunohistochemistry page is available.
The cell: endocytosis page has been updated. New pages with detailed information: plasmodesmata, condensins and cohesins, and chromosomes.

2019-01-21 Techniques: Histochemistry, lectins pages are available.
The cell: Golgi apparatus, and exocytosis pages have been updated. New pages with detailed information: more than adhesion, membrane models, and gap junctions.

2018-12-19 Techniques: cryocrotome, ultramicrotome , staining , and general staining pages are available.
The cell: Endoplasmic reticulum , reticulum to Golgi, and Golgi apparatus pages have been updated.

2018-11-12 Techniques: resin embedding, sectioning, paraffin microtome, and vibratome pages are available.

2018-10-22 Site usage (number of pages served, last year: October first- September 30th):

2018-09-25 The cell: nucleus section has been updated.
Techniques: fixatives, embedding, and paraffin embedding pages are available.

2018-07-17 Techniques: fixation and fixation methods pages are available.

2018-06-16 The cell: cell membrane section has been updated.
Techniques: a new section about histological techniques is started. Introduction and histological processing pages are available.

2018-05-16 Animal organs: large intestine, liver.

2018-04-11 Animal organs: Liver and pancreas, small intestine, excretory system, respiratory system.

2018-03-04 Animal organs: tooth, esophagus, stomach.

2018-01-29 The cell. "More information" section: cell wall.
Animal organs: salivary glands.

2017-12-22 The cell. "More information" section: RNA world, cell size, and hyaluronic acid.
Animal organs: digestive system, tongue.

2017-11-24 The cell. Several pages with more detailed information about cells have been uploaded. They can be found in the "more information" section: Cellularity, A. v Leeuwenhoek, and Discovering cell division.
The section dealing with extracellular matrix has been updated.
Animal organs: seminal vesicle, prostate.

2017-10-27 Animal organs: ovarian follicles, male reproductive system, seminiferous tubules.

2017-10-22 Site usage (number of pages served, last year: october-september):

2017-09-21 Animal organs: spleen, reproductive system, female reproductive system, ovary.
The cell: introduction pages have been updated.

2017-07-16 Animal organs capillaries, Lymphatic system.

2017-05-31 Animal organs: cardiovascular system, elastic artery, arteriole.

2017-04-24 Animal organs: thick skin, sweat gland, nail.

2017-03-31 Animal organs: Integument, thin skin.

2017-02-11 Animal organs: peripheric nerve, senses.

2017-01-06 Animal organs: hypothalamus, subpallium, pallium. peripheral nervous system.

2016-11-22 Animal organs: spinal cord, spinal cord (image), rhombencephalon. mesencephalon. diencephalon.

2016-10-17 The cell (main pages finished): mitosis, meioisis.
Animal organs (section started): introuduction, nervous system, central nervous system

Site usage (number of pages served, last year):

2016-09-04 The cell: intermediate filaments, cell cycle, G1 phase, S phase, G2 phase,

2016-07-21 The cell: actin filaments, microtubules.
Animal tissues: brown adipose tissue.

2016-06-22 The cell: chloroplasts, lipid drops, cytosol, cytoskeleton.

2016-05-06 The cell: Other organelles: mitochondria and plastids.

2016-04-08 The cell: Vesicular traffic: vacuoles, and in other organelles: peroxisomes.
Bibliography page

2016-03-05 The cell: Vesicular traffic: endocytosis, endosomes, lysosomes, in plant cells

2016-01-24 The cell: Vesicular traffic: exocytosis.

2015-12-21 The cell: Vesicular traffic: from the reticulum to the Golgi complex, Golgi complex

2015-11-19 The cell. Nucleus, reamining pages: Nucleolus, Chromatin, Nuclear pores. Vesicular traffic started: Vesicular traffic, Endoplasmic reticulum

2015-10-04 Site usage (last year):

2015-09-20 The cell. Cell membrane: new pages: Synthesis, Transport, Adhesion, Cell junctions. Nucleus section is started: Nucleus.

2015-08-13 The cell. Cell membrane: new pages are up and running: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Permeability, fluidity, Asymmetry, repairing.

2015-07-03 The cell. New pages about extracellular matriz: Types of extracellular matrices. Cell membrane section is started: Introduction, Lipids.

2015-06-07 The cell. New pages about extracellular matriz: Extracellular matrix, structural proteins, carbohydrates, glycroproteins.

2015-05-15 The cell. Origin of the cell, cell theory and endosymbiosis.

Plant tissues. Secretory tissues pages have been uploaded, and a page about resin ducts.

2015-04-23 The cell. Section dealing with the cell is started. The first two pages: introduction and cell diversity.

2015-04-13 Plant tissues. Plant meristems pages have been released. Glandular tissues will be the last.

2015-03-30 Plant tissues. Plant protection tissue pages are ready.

2015-03-07 Plant tissues. Plant vascular tissue pages have been released.

2015-02-24 Plant tissues. Plant support tissue pages are available.

2015-02-11 Plant tissues. Introduction to plant tissues and parenchyma have been uploaded.

2015-01-24 Animal tissues. With the uploading of nervous tissue we have finished the first edition of the animal tissues section. Plant tissues sections is started.

2015-01-07 Animal tissues. Blood and muscle pages are ready.

2014-12-22 Animal tissues . Bone tissue pages are ready.

2014-11-24 Animal tissues . Cartilage tissue page is ready.

2014-10-6 ANIMAL TISSUES . Adipose tissue page is ready.

2014-09-11 ANIMAL TISSUES . Connective proper section is ready.

2014-05-10 ANIMAL TISSUES . Glandular eipthelia section is ready.

2013-12-14 ANIMAL TISSUES . Glandular eipthelia section is started.

2013-11-05 ANIMAL TISSUES . The covering eipthelia section is ready.

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