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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) The adipose tissue is specialized in storing carbohydrates.

2) The adipose tissue is a connective tissue with little extracellular matrix.

3) Adipocytes release hormones.

4) Brown fat is a type of adipose tissue.

5) The adipose tissue found under the skin is brown fat.

6) The white adipose tissue is also known as unilocular adipose tissue because the adipocytes contain only one very large lipid droplet.

7) The connective tissue of the white fat is enriched in reticular fibers.

8) Adipocytes are separated from one another layers of connective tissue called septa.

9) Among adipocytes, there are other cell types commonly found in connective proper tissues.

10) Adipose tissue is irrigated by a dense network of blood vessels.

11) White fat performs other functions besides storage.

12) White adipocytes may grow in size but not in number.

13) Adipocines are molecules released by fibroblasts of the connective tissue present in the adipose tissue that affect the function of adipocytes.

14) Multilocular adipocytes of the brown adipose tissue are smaller that those of the white adipose tissue.

15) Brown fat adipocytes contain more mitochondria than those of the white fat.

16) Adipose tissue is innervated by the sympathetic component of the peripheral nervous system.

17) The heat released by brown fat adipocytes are produced in the endoplasmic reticulum.

18) A person is considered obese if the percentage of the fat in the body is higher than 50 %.

19) The increase of adipose tissue is more or less dangerous depending on what fat depot is affected.

20) The white adipose tissue is innervated by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Home / Quizzes / Animal tissues: adipose