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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) Peroxisomes are organelles delimited by two membranes.

2) Peroxisomes work mostly as metabolic organelles.

3) Peroxisomes carry beta-oxidaton and remove hydrogen peroxide.

4) Peroxisomes are major compartments of the vesicular trafficking.

5) Catalase and urate oxidase are enzymes synthsized in peroxisomes.

6) Glyoxisomes are highly differentiated mitochondria.

7) Mitochondria are only present in those eukaryote cells with high energy demand.

8) Mitochondrial cristae are evaginations of the outer mitochondrial membrane.

9) Mitochondria may divide and fuse to one another, so that they can form mitochondrial networks.

10) The outer membrane of mitochondria is more permeable than the inner one.

11) In mitochondria, the nucleoid is where the DNA is found and it is enclosed by a membrane, similar to the nuclear envelope.

12) One major function of mitochondria is to produce ATP.

13) Proteins of the respiratory chain are found in the mitochondrial cristae.

14) Mitochondrial cristae are inner membrane expansions for protecting the mitochondrial DNA.

15) The majority of cellular ATP is produced by ATPase, which is located in the mitochondrial cristae.

16) The main role of the respiratory chain is to generate a proton gradient.

17) The oxygen that we breath is used by mitochondrial ATPase to produce ATP.

18) The NADH dehydrogenase complex is found at the end of the respiratory chain of mitochondria.

19) Chloroplasts are present in all plant cells.

20) Chloroplast is a type of plastid.

21) There are cristae in the inner membranes of chloroplasts.

22) Thylakoids form strucutres known as granum.

23) Sunlight capture for photosynthesis happens in the membranes of thylakoids.

24) The inner space of chloroplasts, outside thylakoids, is called stroma.

25) The CO2 that plants need is captured by chlorophyll molecules found in the photosystems I and II.

26) The oxygen released by plants are produced after the water hydrolysis that happens in the photosystem II.

27)The flux of electrons from the photosystem II to NADP-reductase protein contributes to generate a proton gradient between the intermembrane space and the stroma of chloroplasts.

28) Lipid droplets are organelle for lipid storing found in the nucleoplasm..

29) Fat in lipid droplets is stored energy.

30) Osteocytes are cells specialized in storing lipids.

31) The lipid droplet content is separated from the cytosol by a bilayer membrane.

32) Lipid droplets are generated in the endoplasmic reticulum.

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