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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) DNA replication is carried out in the endoplasmic reticulum.

2) Eukaryote cells are characterized by having just one nucleus.

3) The nucleus is composed of nucleplasm and nuclear envelope.

4) The nuclear envelope separates the nucleoplasm from the cytoplasm.

5) The nuclear envelope is composed of one membrane where nuclear pore complexes are inserted.

6) Protein synthesis happens in the nuclear envelope.

7) Molecular composition of the outer and inner membranes are similar.

8) The basal lámina maintains the integrity of the nuclear envelope.

9) Gene expression of eukaryote cells couldn't be regulated without the nuclear envelope.

10) DNA is also known as chromatin.

11) Chromatin is found in the cytoplasm.

12) Euchromatin is a type of chromatin loosely condensed.

13) Facultative heterochromatin is a type of chromatin that does not decondensate during interphase.

14) Nucleolus cannot be observed with the light microscope but with the electron microscopy.

15) The nucleolus is involved in the syntehsis of ribosomes.

16) The fibrilar center is the region of the nucleolus where most ribosomal RNA is transcribed and processed.

17) There are many copies of the gen that code for ribosomal RNA.

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