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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) Epithelial cells are separated from one another by large amounts of extracellular matrix.

2) The epithelial tissue is highly irrigated by blood vessels.

3) Mesothelium is a type of epithleium.

4) The endothelium is simple squamous epthelium.

5) The stratum granulosum is observed in the stratified cuboidal epithelia.

6) Between epithelia and the underlying connective tissue, there is a thin layer of extracellular matrix known as basal lamina.

7) Simple cuboidal epithelium is found in the excretory ducts of some exocrine glands.

8) In the basal domain of some epithelia, such as the simple cuboidal and pseudostratified, there are cell specializations like microvilli and cilia.

9) Intraepithelial glands may be found as isolated cells or associated in small groups.

10) Endocrine glands show excretory ducts.

11) Epithelial cells are attached between one another largely through cell junctions.

12) Stratified cuboidal epithelia show a corneum stratrum.

13) The epidermis, endothelium and mesothelium are stratified squamous epithelium.

14) More than one cell type may be found in the epithelia.

15) We smell thanks to an epithelium.

16) The endothelium is glandular eptithelium.

17) A simple epithelium contains cells without nucleus.

18) The cells of psedostratified epithelia show nuclei located at different height from the basal ganglia, but all cells are in contact the basal lamina.

19) Simple epithelium may be keratinized.

20) The basal lamina is found only below stratified epithelium because it has to support more cell layers.

21) The endothelium is simple squamous epithelium.

22) The stratum spinosum can be observen in the stratified cuboidal epithelium.

23) Melanocytes are found in the basal layers of the columnar stratified epithelium.

24) Besides the epidermis, keratinized stratified squamous epithelium can be found in other place.

25) Strafied squamous epithelium can be found in the esophagous.

26) Simple cuboidal epithelium can be found lining the interior of the blood vessels.

27) Stratified cuboidal epithelium is usally made up of many layers of cells.

28) Simple columnar epithelium show apical specializations like cilia and microvilli.

29) Transitional epithelium is specialized in filtration.

30) Pseudostrafied epithelium contains layer of cells with cuboidal and squamous morphology. That is why the name pseudostratified.

31) Glands are made up of cells derived from the connective tissue.

32) Exocrine glands release their content to the exterior of the body.

33) During merocrine secretion part of the cytoplasmic content is also released by the cell.

34) A mixed salivary gland releases serous and mucous substances at the same time.

35) Endocrine glands do not have excretory ducts.

36) Adrenal gland is an endocrine gland.

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F-1) The region delimited by the dashed line is known as stratum granulosum.

F-2) The arrows point to the basal lamina.

F-3) This is a simple squamous epithelium.

F-4) Arrows point to the basal domain of the epithelium.

F-5) Asterisks indicate mucous acini.

F-6) This is an endocrine gland.

F-7) Asterisks indicate the acini of an exocrine gland.

Home / Quizzes / Animal tissues: epithelium.