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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

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1) Nervous tissue differentiates from the ectoderm.

2) The two characteristic cell types of the nervous system are neuron and glia.

3) The main function of the nervous tissue is processing information.

4) Neurons in the mammalian brain can divide during the adult life of the animal.

5) The nervous tissue has no extracellular matrix.

6) The gray matter of the central nervous system is enriched in neuronal axons.

7) The nervous tissue of the central nervous system is relatively isolated from the blood by the hemato-encephalic barrier.

8) Microglia lines the surface of the central nervous system with its cellular extensions.

9) The peripheral nervous system is isolated from the surrounding tissues by meninges.

10) The soma is the part of a neuron where the nucleus is found.

11) Dendrites are the neuron domain through which information is sent to other neuron.

12) Neurons have as many axons as dendrites.

13) A synapse is a structure for communication between neurons.

14) Glial cells can divide by mitosis.

15) Schwann cells are a glial type of the central nervous system. Las células de Schwann son un tipo de glía del sistema nervioso central.

16) Myelin is a sheath consisting in membranes of astrocytes that wraps the axons.

17) Microglia is a type of glial cell involved in the defense functions.

18) In the mammalian brain there are much more neurons than glial cells.

19) Neurons found in the central nervous system are scattered and not associated in groups.

20) The ependyma is the layer of cells that separates the nervous tissue from the cerebrospinal fluid.

Home / Quizzes / Animal tissues: nervous