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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

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1) The nervous system gets information from inside and outside of the body.

2) The nervous system is made up of one type of cell: the neuron.

3) The nervous system comprises the central nervous system and the lateral nervous system.

4) The central nervous system is formed from the neural tube during the embryo development.

5) The spinal cord is the most caudal part of the central nervous system.

6) The most rostral part of the spinal cord is known as thoracic.

7) The cerebrospinal fluid flows within the ependimary canal, also known as central canal.

8) Meninges separate the spinal cord from vertebrae.

9) Nerves leave the spinal cord forming bundles known as roots.

10) The gray matter of the spinal cord is where most neuronal bodies are found.

11) Motoneurons are found in the ventral region of the spinal cord.

12) The prosencephalon is the caudal part of the encephalon.

13) The mesencephalon is a part of the rhombencephalon.

14) The pineal gland is found in the diencephalon.

15) Thirst and hungry are regulated in the hypothalamus.

16) The cerebral cortex is found in the subpallium.

Home / Quizzes / Animal organs: central nervous system