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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) The lymphatic system conducts a liquid called lymph.

2) The lymphatic vessels start as medium-size ducts and ends up as lymphatic capillaries.

3) Lymph is propelled by the heart through the lymphatic vessels.

4) Lymphatic nodes are aggregates of lymphocytes.

5) The diffuse lymphatic tissue is formed of lymphatic nodules.

6) Lymphatic nodules consist of a central germinal region and peripheral region or capsule.

7) Peyer plates anastomosed lymphatic vessels.

8) Lymphatic nodes can be found in the dermis of legs and arms.

9) The reticular connective tissue is an essential element of the lymphatic nodes.EL tejido conectivo reticular es un elemento esencial de los ganglios linfáticos

10) The follicles with lymphocytes are found in the medullary region of the lymphatic nodes.

11) Lymphocytes are distributed through the two regions of the cortical part of the lymphatic nodes.

12) In the lymphatic nodes, the direction of the lymph flux is from the cortical toward the medullary region.

13) Lymphatic nodes are very important places for the immune response.

14) The thymus is found at the level of the trachea.

15) The function of thymus is to be a place for lymphocyte maturation during the late years of the life.

16) The thymus is divided into compartments separated by connective tissue.

17) The spleen is as large as a lymphatic node.

18) Inside the spleen, the tissue is organized into white and red pulps.

Home / Quizzes / Animal organs: lymphatic