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Choose true or false. Each right answer scores 1, and each wrong answer scores -1. Not answered questions score 0.

True False

1) Gametes are produced in the reproductive system.

2) The reproductive system is only composed of the gonads.

3) The ovaries produce the spermatozoa.

4) The ovary synhtesize and release testosterone.

5) The main compartments of the ovary are medulla, cortex and tunica albuginea.

6) Oocytes are found in the medulla of the ovary.

7) Mammalian ovaries produce oocytes until menopausia.

8) The oocyte maturation process consists in finishing meiosis and increases the cell size.

9) Somatic cells that form the follicle surround the oocyte during the maturation pocess.

10) The wall of the ovary follicles is made up of two layers of somatic cells: theca and stroma.

11) The Graafian follicles contain two oocytes. It was described by Graaf.

12) Fallopian tube communicates the ovary with the uterus..

13) The fertilizaton of the oocyte happens in the uterus.

14) The clitoris contains cavernous bodies, as in the penis.

15) The male reproductive organs is called urethra.

16) Testis are located in a cavity formed by the scrotum.

17) Testis are divided into testicular lobules.

18) Sperm cells are produced from Leydig and Sertoli cells.

19) Sperm are cells that stay quiescent from the perinatal period to puberty.

20) The epididymis is a gland that releases seminal liquid.

21) Prostate is a gland that releases its products into the urethra.

22) Cavernous bodies are vascular cavities that are filled or emptied according to sexual excitation.

F-1) The X indicate the medullary region of the ovary.

F-2) The dot line encloses the theca layer of the ovarian follicle.

F-3) Arrows point to germ cells.

F-4) Dot lines enclose the primordial oocytes (they did not begin the maturation process yet).

Home / Quizzes / Animal organs: reproductive