Atlas of Plant and Animal Histology

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Alexandra Romero Lovera (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2023) performs histological techniques during her lab training in our lab.

Zaira Salgueiro Gallego (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2022) performs histological techniques during her lab training in our lab.

Nuria Lorenzo Brun (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2018) processes many histological staining during her lab training stay in our lab.

Sara Táboas Favorecido (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2017) processes many histological staining during her lab training stay in our lab.

Elisa Inés Sánchez (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2016) process many histological stainings during her lab training stay in our lab.

Raúl Sánchez Álvarez (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2015) y Jenifer Fernández dos Reis (IES Principe Felipe, Pontevedra, 2015) process many histological stainings during their lab training stay in our lab.

Daniel Lens (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2014). He helped us with histological processing during his lab training period.

University of Vigo (2010-2013) granted this site with a funded three years project to obtain electron microscopy images.

Serxio Fernández Fidalgo (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2013). He helped with histological processing and staining during his lab training period spent in our lab.

Teresa Amoedo (IES Montecelo, Pontevedra; 2012) and Gaspar Payán Román (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2012). They spent their lab training period in our lab doing histological stainings, some of them used in this site.

Chris von Barthels (Department of Physiology and Cell Biology, University of Nevada School of Medicine. USA. 2011). He kindly provided the image of cuerpos multivesicular bodies.

Santiago Gómez Salvador (Dept. Pathological Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cádiz; 2011). We thank him for his help with the images and the text of bone tissue page.

Bethsabé Iglesias Rojas (IES Príncipe Felipe, Pontevedra; 2010) and Lucía Vilar Goce (CIFP Manuel Antonio, Vigo; 2010). They worked doing plant and animal histology during their training stay in our lab.

Ángela L. Debenedetti y Daniel García (Students of the fourth year of Biology degree; 2010). They wrote and prepared the images of the first version of cohesins andcondensins page.

This site was awarded in the I International Virtual Meeting of Education, Research and Morphological Sciences, Córdoba, Argentina (11-30 September 2009).

This site was awarded in the XV National Meeting and III International Meeting of the Spanish Society for Tissue Engineering and Histology, Albacete, Spain (8-10 June 2009).

Juan José Pasantes Ludeña and Concepción Pérez García (Department of Biochemistry, Genetic and Immunology. University of Vigo; 2009). They provide the outstanding images of human karyotipes of the chromosome page.

Xurxo Gago Mariño (Department of Plant Physiology, Faculty of Biology University of Vigo; 2009). He gave us sections, tissues, and great scanning microscopy images from kiwi plants for the plant histology section.

Rafael Álvarez Nogal (Department of Molecular Biology. University of León; Spain. 2008-2009). He corrected and improved enormously the plant histology part.

Cármen Álvarez González (Work risk prevention. University of Vigo). She worked as technician in our department. During that time she processed many tissue samples that are shown in this site, mostly in the animal tissue section.

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