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Wellcome! to this Atlas of Plant and Animal Histology.

A site dedicated to Cytology, Histology and Organography

Febrary 2013

This is a website project dealing with cell biology, histology and organs, both in plant and animals. Our main goal is to provide texts and images that may help students and other people interested in these subjects. More specifically, the goals are:

a) Enhance learning of plant and animal histology by a complete and integrated set of contents.

b) Improve the skills to identify tissue and cell structures. It is important to observe cell and tissue structures to achieve a solid foundation in histology. This will be a major point of this site. Therefore, we select high quality images to show salient morphological features of cells, tissues and organs. Furthermore, there are interactive pages and quizzes designed to test the learning progress.

c) Cover basic and advance knowledge about cell biology and histology. All sections have a similar structure. First, there is a set of pages with basic and essential information. From this level it is possible to jump to other pages where more detailed information is provided. Furthermore, images for training will be linked to both basic and advanced pages.

We hope this project will grow, maybe forever : ), with additions of new content and graphic material. Updates will be indicated in the news page. Collaborative work improves projects enormously, so we encourage anyone interested to contribute with contents or suggestions. The material is released under a Creative Common license (by-sa-nc). It means that it is free to use, distribute and modify, but the modifications should be under the same license and with no commercial purposes.

Manuel Megías Pacheco
Pilar Molist García
Manuel Ángel Pombal Diego

Department of Functional Biology and Health Sciences.
Faculty of Biology.
University of Vigo. Spain.

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