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Organ: fruit, pericarp.
Species: apple.
Technique: paraffin section stained with safranin /Alcian blue.

The apple endocarp, mesocarp and exocarp are inside the fruit forming what we call the core. Most fleshy part of the fruit is the hypanthium that differentiates from the flower receptacle, as well as from the base part of the sepals and petals.

The surface of an apple is shown in this image. It includes the hypanthium with a very cunitized epidermis containing wax depots. The wax gives the bright and glossy aspect of the apple epidermis, particularly after it is rubbed.

Under the epidermis, several layers of collenchyma cells are observed. Storage parenchyma extends from the inner collenchyma layer to the exocarp. Parechyma cells store a large amount of water.

Exocarp, mesocarp, and endocarp are not observed in this image. They show a gelatinous consistence and form the core of the fruit. The core is composed of tightly packed sclereids showing thin cell walls.

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