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The image is from the fat located around the gut.
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Organ: Small instestine, white fat
Species: mouse (Mus musculus; mammal).
Technique: Masson trichrome, 8 μm thick section, paraffin embedding.

White adipose is compose of white fat cells, or adipocytes, very large cells that may reach more than 100 microns in diameter. Most of the cytoplasm is occupied by a large lipid drop that is empty in most of the histological slides because fat is removed during the histological process. The remaining cytoplasm and the nucleus are distributed in a narrow space near the plasma membrane. Mature adipocytes have a single drop of fat and are therefore named as unilocular adipocytes. During differentiation small fat droplets condense into other larger ones, which become a large one when the adipocyte is totally differentiated.

Home > Animal tissues » Connective » Adipose » White adipose tissue
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