Atlas of Plant and Animal Histology

Animal tissues. Connective, bone.


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The image is from trabecular bone.
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Organ: spinal vertebra, trabecular bone.
Species: sheep (Ovis aries; mammal).
Technique: Stained with toluidine blue.

D. Santiago Gómez Salvador (Dept. Anatomical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cádiz. Spain) is the author of the picture.

Tthis tissue consists of a three-dimensional network of bone trabeculae that form a system of large and irregular vascular cavities. These cavities contain blood vessels and bone marrow cells within loose connective tissue. Trabeculae are composed of bone plates of variable thickness (3-7 µm), which are distinct layers of extracellular matrix formed by parallel collagen fibers, and regularly distributed osteocytes.

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