Atlas of Plant and Animal Histology

Animal tissues
Connective proper


The image is from tendón.
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Organ: tendon, dense regular connective.
Species: mouse (Mus musculus; mammal).
Technique: 8 µm thick paraffin sections stained with haemtoxylin and eosin.

The main role of dense regular connective tissue is withstand strong mechanical stress. It is organized in cords or sheets oriented according to the direction of stress. Typical examples of regular connective tissue is found in tendons and cornea.

Extracellular matrix of tendon is composed of collagen fibers (65-80% of the dry weight), mainly type I collagen, and elastic fibers (1-2 % of the dry weight), embedded in ground substance which contains proteoglycans. Collagen fibers are parallely arranged and very tight, leaving little room for fibroblasts. Fibroblasts of tendons are known as tenoblasts and tenocytes, depending on the stage of differentiation.

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