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The image is from small intestine.
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Smooth muscle: muscle layer of the small intestine.
Species: mouse (Mus musculus; mammal).
Technique: haematoxylin and eosin, 8 μm thick section, paraffin embedding.

The smooth muscle of the small intestine is shown in this figure. In the upper part, the smooth muscle are observed in a transverse view, whereas in the lower part smooth muscle cells are oriented parallel to the cutting plane. Smooth muscle cells are fusiform, small in diameter, and with a nucleus adapted to the morphology of the cell. They are non branched cells. Unlike the skeletal and cardiac muscles, striations are not observed in the cytoplasm, . This is because the cytoskeletal filaments, actin and myosin, are not arranged so regularly, but more scattered. That is why the cytoplasm shows a homogeneous pink stainning.

Home / Animal tissues / Muscle / Smooth muscle
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